In this section we will only cover those basic configuration that is required by the script for operating smoothly.

All the configurations can be managed via Admin Panel under "Website Configurations".


Go to "General Settings" and Add/Modify the value of SCRIPT_LICENSE_KEY.

Make sure you modify the values of SITE_TITLE, SITE_TAGLINE, ADMIN_EMAIL and SITE_ADDRESS from "General Settings".


It is required to add valid API details for following variables listed under this configuration:


​​You can find a link from where you can get an API details for individual variable simply by clicking info or modify button. Also note that each API is totally FREE and you do not need to submit any Credit Card or Payment information to those websites. However a free registration may require on those website.

API signup process for most variable listed under this setting is very straight and easy except for GOOGLE_API_BROWSER_APPS and GOOGLE_API_SERVER_APPS which requires some configurations and you may get lost.

So we have listed a Step-by-Step instructions below to properly get those two keys.


  1. Go to Google API Console and login with your Google Account.
  2. If you have not created any Projects before, then create a New Project. Or, if you already have a Project then select it from "Project" menu.
    Before proceeding further step, make sure you have selected correct project. You can always Create/Rename/Manage/Switch/Delete your project from "Project" menu while on Google API Console.
  3. Click Library from left side, search for Google Maps JavaScript API, PageSpeed Insights API and Google Safe Browsing API and enable those APIs.
  4. Click Credentials from left side.
    If there are any API Credentials and you are not using it, then you can simply delete it.
  5. Click Create credentials and select API key. A popup will be displayed with newly created API key. Use that API Key as a value for GOOGLE_API_SERVER_APPS.
  6. Once again, Click Create credentials and select API key. A popup will be displayed with newly created API key. Click RESTRICT KEY and select "HTTP referrers" as a Key restriction.
  7. Then, add two HTTP referrers as something like below (by replacing with your domain name) and use that API Key as a value for GOOGLE_API_BROWSER_APPS
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