A bot, short for robot, is a software application that performs automated tasks over the internet. Also known as web robots or crawlers, bots are programmed to execute specific functions without direct human intervention. They can range from simple automated scripts to complex AI-driven systems capable of interacting with users. Bots are widely used for various purposes, including web indexing, customer service, social media engagement, and data collection. While some bots serve beneficial functions like improving efficiency and convenience, others may be designed for malicious activities such as spreading spam or conducting cyberattacks. Therefore, understanding and managing the capabilities of bots is essential for maintaining security and integrity in online environments.

All of our verified CuteStat Bots belong to the category of beneficial bots, serving their distinct purpose of aiding users in navigating the complexities of the web. Whether it's a simple task like checking if a website is down and sending notifications to subscribers, or more intricate tasks such as market research and competitive analysis, our verified CuteStat Bots work tirelessly on your behalf.

As beneficial bots, verified CuteStat Bots adhere to the directives specified in the robots.txt file located at the root of each individual host name and return an HTTP 200 response code.

Current list of user agents, functionality and category:

User Agent Category Functionality
CuteStat Search Engine Crawler Indexing content to be included on our search results and insights.

Ways to verify our bots:

Our bots utilize and switch between various IP addresses. Therefore, identifying them solely by their IP address is not sufficient. Instead, if necessary, you should perform a Reverse DNS query for the IP address and verify if the hostname matches crawl-***-***-***-***.cutestat.com where *** refers to the numeric/hexadecimal digits of an IP, while also ensuring that the User Agent matches one from the list above.

Recently Analyzed Alexa Worth Updated
business.site 782 $ 24,270,840.00 5 hours ago
10pro.in 603,539 $ 2,640.00 14 hours ago
bbc.com 100 $ 189,798,120.00 1 day ago
chrome.com 3,794 $ 5,002,560.00 1 day ago
youtube.com 2 $ 9,489,881,160.00 1 day ago
leiden.edu 1,458,988 $ 960.00 2 days ago
tumblr.com 119 $ 159,493,320.00 2 days ago
booking.com 89 $ 213,255,720.00 3 days ago
a2hosting.com 5,350 $ 3,547,800.00 3 days ago
google.com 1 $ 18,979,762,320.00 3 days ago