CuteStat Lite automatically generate sitemap for added domains and the location for your sitemap will be http://YOUR-INSTALLATION-URL/sitemap.

The sitemap file is divided into Sitemap Index and Sitemap for Individual Index. If you do not know what Sitemap Index is then, read this. By default each sitemap will hold 5000 of links and this process is automated which means you do not need to do anything about it.

For an example whatever you see in /sitemap is a Sitemap Index having collections of multiple sitemaps like /sitemap/1 and /sitemap/2 etc. And those individual sitemap (e.g. /sitemap/1) will holds all of your added domain stat links up to 5000 links per sitemap.

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System Requirements
Installing CuteStat Lite
Minimum Configuration for CuteStat Lite
How to remove Prefix from Stat URL
How to get an API Key from WOT (Web of Trust)
How to change the text "Rating by CuteStatLite"
I keep getting License Error Message
How to Modify Template or Texts
How does the Sitemap Works
How to Activate CRON Job Feature
How to Activate Twitter Automation
How to Block Unsafe or Unwanted Data
How to Enable CDN (Content Delivery Network) for the Script
How to add Google Analytics Code
Switching to PHP 5.3 on HostGator Shared Hosting
Changing Favicon Provider
Removing Powered by Text and Backlink
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