This product "CuteStat Lite" can only be downloaded or accessed from User Panel with an active license key which you can get after purchasing the product. Unless specified or approved by us, each license key is valid for using on one single domain you have specified from User Panel. You will be able to modify authorized domain for the license key anytime from the User Panel. You can find the number of licenses you owned simply by logging into the "User Panel".

Furthermore, there are few other things which you should follow:

  • You are not allowed to re-distribute the script in any form with/without modifying the script.
  • Your login information for "User Panel" should not be shared with anyone else.

If we find any violations we may permanently suspend your account/licenses and you will not be able to download any products or get updates from us. Additionally in such cases, the product you have purchased will automatically become inactive and your installation including existing one may not work.

Getting Support:

As long as your account is ACTIVE and you have not violated our terms then, you will be eligible to receive Support as per following guidelines:

  • Your support request should be related with the product you have purchased.
  • If you are reporting bugs and it is confirmed by us then, it will be listed on our to do lists and will be addressed on future script updates. We will not be forced to release an update immediately by our customer.
  • On most cases we will go beyond our support limitations to make our customer happy but this will not always be possible. So, your support request should not be something like "why the script does not have this feature", "I thought the script has this feature but why it does not have", "send me a code to modify this or that", "send me a modified file for this custom modification", "your main site have this feature but why the script does not have" etc.

In short, when sending us a support request always keep in mind that you have only purchased the product as it is. The features included in the script is listed clearly on our Purchase Page or even on our Live Demo (link for the Live Demo can be found on our Purchase Page). If your support request is related with existing features and limited with how it works then you will get a good response and if it is not then you will get repeated "NO".

Legal Information and Your Rights
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