- wcrp-climate.org

The aims of WCRP is to facilitate analysis and prediction of Earth System variability and change for use in an increasing range of practical applications of direct relevance, benefit and value to society

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Home - Florida Climate Institute

- floridaclimateinstitute.org

Florida Climate Institute

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Association of State Wetland Managers

- aswm.org

The Association of State Wetland Managers is a nonprofit organization that protects the nation’s wetlands. ASWM advocates for the protection and effective management of wetland resources, and promotes the application of sound science to public policy. ASWM provides training and education for state and tribal wetland...

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The Heat Is Online

- heatisonline.org

This site, based on the book The Heat Is On, by Ross Gelbspan, (Perseus Books,1997): · Lays bare the central drama: the ability of this planet to sustain civilization vs. the survival of the fossil fuel industry (a 6,000-word text overview); · Catalogues the last four years of increasingly frequent and severe...

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- cejournal.net

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Aspen Global Change Institute :: Home

- agci.org

Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI) is an independent Colorado nonprofit dedicated to furthering the scientific understanding of Earth systems and global environmental change through interdisciplinary scientific workshops, educational programs, and publications & videos.

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Welcome to Atlantic Rising

- atlanticrising.org

Atlantic Rising is a charity that embarked on a 28,000 mile journey around the Atlantic Ocean. Our website now provides schools with teaching aids to raise awareness of climate change and sea level rise.

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COINAtlantic - Home

- coinatlantic.ca

Welcome to COINAtlantic the new Website of the Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee (ACZISC) The ACZISC was established in 1992 to foster cooperation in Atlantic Canada with regard to integrated coastal and ocean management (ICOM), coastal mapping and geomatics. It is a multi-sector forum with...

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Green Cross Australia - Fostering a global value shift...

- greencrossaustralia.org

Green Cross empowers people to respond to environmental change. Our programs build community resilience and provide active education for a new generation of environmental leaders. Green Cross catalyses change working with partners and web based tools that are connecting with audiences around the world. Our mission...

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Adapting to Global Warming

- risingsea.net

For the last twenty-five years, the US Government and friends have been assessing the implications of rising sea level and opportunities to prepare for the possible consequences. This page provides a list of publications, along with links to an extended abstract on which of these reports are worth reading and what...

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Flood Map: Water Level Elevation Map

- floodmap.net

Flood Map shows the map of the area which could get flooded if the water level rises to a particular elevation. It may help flood risk assessment or flood management. Sea level rise map.

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Coastal Issues / Coastal Care

- coastalcare.org

The mission of the Santa Aguila Foundation is to raise awareness of and mobilize people against the ongoing decimation of beaches and coastlines around the

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Facts about Climate Change Science and Ocean Acidification, truth...

- climatechangefacts.info

Unbiased climate change and Ocean Acidification information-an impact assessment scientist separates climate change facts from fiction

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- unearthnews.org

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Home - Mark Monmonier

- markmonmonier.com

The website of Mark Monmonier, author of "How to Lie with Maps" and other books on the societal impacts of mapping.

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Positive TV

- positivetv.tv

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The Sinking of Tuvalu | Juriaan Booij

- thesinkingoftuvalu.com

Recent Work of Juriaan Booij

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PanglossTech Home

- panglosstech.com

Add-ons for NASA World Wind, including Sea Level, Climate, Geophysical, Demographic and Planetary Maps

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Home - Climate Change and Security

- webersik.com

Christian Webersik's homepage containing research about climate change and security, environment, and peace and security.

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Fairfax Climate Watch

- fairfaxclimatewatch.com

The big picture on global warming and climate change - news and information that matters.

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