H+ Magazine | Covering technological, scientific, and cultural...

- hplusmagazine.com

h+ Magazine is a new publication that covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing human beings in fundamental ways.

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Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

- ieet.org

Website of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Nick Bostrom's Home Page

- nickbostrom.com

Oxford philosopher (videos, papers, interviews, bio, etc.)

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BioEdge: the latest news and articles about bioethics

- bioedge.org

BioEdge: the latest news and articles about bioethics. Our goal is to highlight human dignity as the foundation of medicine and science.

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Max More

- maxmore.com

Dr. Max More is a Strategic Philosopher, author of the Proactionary Principle and the philosophy of Extropy and Transhumanism

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Transcendent Man

- transcendentman.com

Transcendent Man is the documentary film that introduces the life and ideas of Ray Kurzweil, the renowned futurist who journeys the world offering his vision of a future in which we will merge with the super-intelligent machines we have created and can live forever�all within the next thirty years.

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Transhumanism's Extropy Institute - Transhumanism for a better future

- extropy.org

From the President

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Grindhouse Wetware

- grindhousewetware.com

Augmenting humanity using safe, affordable, open source technology

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Superhappiness ?

- superhappiness.com

will superintelligent posthumans be animated by gradients of bliss?

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- mesolimbic.com

How biotechnology will eradicate suffering in all sentient life. The world's last aversive experience will be a precisely dateable event

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Extreme Longevity

- extremelongevity.net

Latest longevity research and news interpreted for practical use

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Fancy Dress Costumes & Halloween Costumes | Jokers Masquerade

- joke.co.uk

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Giza Death Star

- gizadeathstar.com

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

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All Discussions - Biohack.me – Biohacking Forum for Grinders

- biohack.me

Biohack.me is a forum for the discussion of anything of relevance to the biohacking, grinder, or wetware hacker community.

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- acceler8or.com

All the best transhumanist bits and bytes, with a side order of strangeness and charm. Read articles and interviews which illuminate the New Edge culture.

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Society for Venturism - Home

- venturist.info

Cryonics Advocasy, Immortalist Philosophy

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Biopunk.org - Index page

- biopunk.org

The Biopunk forum

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Bracing against the wind

- documentroot.com

Semiweekly journal covering philosophy, transhumanism, progressive politics, current events and technology.

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The Transhuman Cosmic Conscious Evolution Website | Transhumanism,...

- euvolution.com

Transhuman Cosmic Conscious Evolution is a huge website of articles about Transhumans, Posthumans, Futurists, Futurism, Transhumanism, Prometheism, Cosmotheism and Eugenics

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Bryan Bishop / kanzure, Homepage of

- heybryan.org

internet anomaly of code, hardware, and biology

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